Saturday, August 16, 2014



The environment consists of four segments.
This is the protective blanket of gasses surrounding the earth.
It sustains life on earth
It saves the earth from the hostile environment of outer space
It absorbs most of the cosmic rays from outer space and a major portion of the electromagnetic radiation from the sun
It transmits only the near UV, visible and near IR (300 - 2500 nm)and radio waves (0.4 - 40 m) waves
It filters-out damaging UV waves wave length less than 300 nm.

The oxygen is composed of Nitrogen and Oxygen besides Argon, CO2 and trace gases.

Hydrosphere: The hydrosphere comprises of all types of water resources (oceans, seas, rivers, streams, reservoirs, polar icecaps, glaciers and ground water). Almost 97% of earths water supply is in the oceans. More than 2% of water resources is locked in polar ice caps. The remaining water (less than 1%)is available as fresh water in the form of rivers, streams, lakes and ground water. It is this meagre amount that is fit for human consumption.

Lithosphere: Lithosphere is the outer mantle of solid earth. It consists of minerals occurring in the earth's crust and the soil.

Biosphere: Biosphere indicates the realm of living organisms and their interaction with the environment (Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere)

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